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About me

Julia || 20 || ♀ || Germany || Chemistry major

Mostly digital and pixel art
I have way too many OCs ;A;
Extremely slow worker
Easily distracted
Socially awkward
I hope you'll be able to bear with me xD

Current icon by xiuemi :3

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Adoptable account
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fun blog (mostly spn, destiel and random crap stuff)

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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 28, 2015, 1:10 PM

Hello guys! <333
We had a pretty hard time choosing the placements because we received so many awesome entries! Thank you so much for that! <333
And a big thank you to all of the participants, you are amazing!

First things first, I want to emphasize the most important rule of the contest again:
"If you place - even second, third or runner up - the designs will be for my own personal use. You may not sell/trade/gift/keep them.
If you don't place, feel free to use the design for your own (to sell, keep, trade etc)."

So the design of every winning artist belongs to me now. Of course I'll credit you as the design creator c:
In the end, I'll post a special thanks to all the entries which didn't make it to the placements. These designs will stay to your use (:
Oh and don't be surprised, I've withdrawn Lanahx3 from the judges after she made an entry. So don't worry about that!


  • $20 from me (or 1600Points)
  • A chibi or a halfbody by me (1700-2200Points worth)
  • A icon of your choice by me (worth up to 900Points)
  • A sketch by Cyanblau
.:CE:. Cloudylicious by Lanahx3 by Lanahx3
A guinea pig and a rabbit, how cute is that? >v<
What really made me choose the first place for this, are the unique yet causual looking clothes and the color palette.
These colors haromize really good with the ones of Tayla but they aren't the same tones so when you draw them together you don't get a ball of one color xDi
And what also really like is that she readopted the different height of Tayla's socks in his shoes. And the little bell matches with Tayla's bell.
The boy with the little oversized looking top and the adorable too long sleeves will fit perfectly to my OC Tayla since they seem to radiate the same aura if you know what I'm trying to say.
The reference sheet of him is also very detailed which is a huge plus. Every detail is clearly visible and described.


  • $10 from me (or 800Points)
  • A icon of your choice by me (worth up to 900Points) or a mini cheeb
Lion Pyon! by emeraldeyes152000by emeraldeyes152000
After I saw this I was like 'wow, such great and lively colors!' That first impression really struck to me. Like I mentioned in the comment above, I like the different height of his socks (I know they are called something different but I can't remember xD) and the little bell. A fullbody and a small chibi are signs of all the work this artist has put into it, this is a great plus.
The colors are bit more daring but they still harmonize well. The design is pretty well elaborated and has many details, this makes the character look really interesting.
Overall, the design appears really dynamic and I already took him to my heart c:


  • $5 from me (or 400Points)
  • A icon of your choice by me (worth up to 900Points) :new: + or a mini cheeb
  • A Colored Headshot by Lanahx3

CE:: cloudylicious by bunnilu by bunnilu
A closed species as an entry? How amazing is this opportunity? (:
We were really torn when choosing which entry will be second/third. So I upgraded the third place a bit c:
I have to say, I really adore these ears and the tail. They ears are unique which makes the design more special. And a chibi and bust shot of the chibi, it's clear that she put some work into this!
While I really like the formal outfit, I have to say that the colors are a bit too dark in total. This isn't a bad thing because it makes him look more grown up. And the collar of his suit doesn't make it look boring. But that was the main reason we put it as third place.
He still is a lovely design and I'll take good care of him! <3

Runner Ups

Now as we get to the runner ups, the order in which these prizes are listed don't have any meaning! c:

  • A Mini or Animal icon

.:Reference:. (EDITED) by pyoriinFinally, i got you (Edited) by pyoriin by pyoriin
Wow, two pictures and a detailed reference. It made us sad that this entry couldn't place. But the other were just a tiny bit better.
He looks pretty cool and cheeky and I'll surely give him a nice new home! <3

Contest Entry cloudylicious by xLinaraxby xLinarax
What really struck to me is that this was one of the few entries which didn't have a light skin tone. I'm also into this kind of clothing since I'm really fond of (magical) stories in the time of M.A.
A really great design!

Design Contest - cloudylicious by rubysamaby rubysama
What a cheeky looking guy. This clothing/design is a bit more modern but I really like it!
His jacket and his little bell, just adorable!


A special thanks to all of the other awesome entries which sadly couldn't place because I didn't have unlimited prizes.
Still I want you to know that your designs are great and I just favored others a bit more.
I'm overwhelmed that so many people paricipated! <3 Thank you so much!
(again, the order has no meaning!)
[CE] cloudylicious by cataclysmicTilde; Design Contest by lXI0l+Design Contest by lXI0l; Second chance adopt bid by beelzezlover+Extras by beelzezlover; [Contest] character design by KuromixYomi; ; Contest entry for  cloudylicious by sylvanaas; desing contest entry by mizuki-uwu; Design Contest Entry: Tortoise by OverVenture; 11 by Satoi-san;contest yay! by ApocalypseReindier; Contest - DESIGN CONTEST by TakumixXx; character design contest by Bloom450; Contest Entry (bunnilu) by TotalDestruction101; [ADOPT]Kemonomimi boy[OPEN] by Magnguyen; Contest entry for cloudylicious by Tigress-of-the-Night; @Entry:cloudylicious by ken-sh; (DESIGN CONTEST): Calico Fox by Xovinx; Design for Cloudylicious's Contest by TArguses; Contest Lol by miramask; Fluffy lil' Freckle Boy (Contest Entry) by Burlew; Design Contest for Cloudylicious by XWintersBladeX; Character Design Entry: Thomas (Tommy) by warriorcats125; Good afternoon! by mikriDeb; That Boy by SoraEatAKeex; Entry for cloudylicious's design contest by ThatWallflower
I hope I didn't forget anyone!

My Art

Free to use Icons

If you want to use them, crediting me would be nice! <3
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more here:…

Weekly feature <3

CM: Lillian the bat by Midna01
My OC Lillian
Drawing made by Midna01 <3


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